Cooking with Copper

I apologize in advance because the introduction to this post is a little lengthier than my others, but I wanted to walk you through how we got introduced to copper. When Jake and I first met, we were both living in apartments. We had each accumulated pots and pans over time – some of which we inherited from our parents as young college-grads living on our own for the first time. The rest we bought piece-meal over the years as we needed it. When we finally decided to move in together, we were forced to look at our hodge podge inventory of cookware. Certainly not all of it would fit in the kitchen. Plus, we had so many of the same pieces and much of it had been stretched as far as it could go. At the time, we just consolidated and moved on.

Warning: The following is going to seem like I’m getting paid by Gotham Steel to advertise their products, but I am not. I simply use and love their cookware!

For Christmas 2016, Jake’s Grammy Lois (aka: G. Lo) had gifted us several presents, including a large copper baking pan. It had one of those “As Seen on TV” stickers. We graciously accepted her gift and put it away. We decided to give it a whirl a few days later. And from then on, we were hooked. Soon, my birthday in 2017 came around and my brother asked me what I wanted. At the time, I was debating between a new slow cooker and a 2-pack of copper baking sheets. Happily, I received the copper baking sheets.

Gotham Steel Nonstick Copper Cookie Sheet and Jelly Roll Baking Pan 12″ x 17″ – 2 PACK

Gotham Steel Baking Sheet Set (photo from Amazon)

Fast forward to Thanksgiving. We don’t typically do any Black Friday shopping, but as I perused Amazon that day, we came across a 15-piece Gotham Steel copper cookware set. Ding, ding, ding! We knew that we liked that brand since the few copper cookware items we had were of that same brand. The set was originally almost $160. That day, we snatched it for $109.

Gotham Steel 1752 Ultimate 15 Piece All in One Chef’s Kitchen Set with Non-Stick Ti-Cerama Copper Coating – Includes Skillets Stock Pots, Deep Fry Basket and Shallow Square Pan

Gotham Steel 15-piece Cookware Set (photo from Amazon)

The Pros

  • This really is non-stick, making it easy to cook and clean
  • The pots and pans (and obviously the baking sheets) can go directly in the oven, up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The sizes and options are perfect for all types of cooking needs

The Cons

From my perspective, this very short list of negatives are non-issues. 🙂 However, they may be important to some, so here we go:

  • There is the slightest raise in the middle of the pans. This wouldn’t be noticeable, except when Jake tries to make omelettes. He gets frustrated that he can’t cook the egg as a single layer (in preparation for piling on the filling and folding in half). He usually reverts back to one of his old pans. Below is a photo of one of my copper pans straight on. You can see that there is a slightly different color in a circular shape right inside the pan. This is because the lights are reflecting off it differently due to the uneven surface.


  • This next con probably applies to many types of cookware. I was afraid that the copper would get more easily scratched than other types of pots or pans, so I ended up getting a silicone utensil set. It was inexpensive, but was still an unplanned, added cost. (Secret pro: I had an excuse to get the cutest colorful utensil set and holder.)


I rarely ever use anything other than copper when cooking these days. Here is an example of a shepherd’s pie (using vegetarian beef) that I cooked in the skillet. I made the mashed yellow/sweet potato separately. Once that was done, I used the pan to cook up the “meat” and vegetables. I then simply layered the mashed potatoes on top and stuck the whole thing right into the oven. I know you can do this with other types of cookware, but this really did work well and there was no stuck on food at the end.

Here’s one more dish using the baking sheets. I love that they are a generous size that I can do one-sheet meals very easily without worrying about the post-dinner cleanup.


Additionally, we’ve used the fryer basket to make fried chicken for a couple of chicken dishes. We’ve also used the steamer basket to make steamed vegetables. I can’t wait to try it for Chinese pork buns (bao)! I had also mentioned in my Air Fryer post that the air fryer basket is copper and that I use it for almost every meal now. Enough said!

Please let me know through a comment what your favorite cookware consists of!


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    1. Hi! Thanks for your question. I use Gotham Steel and they use a titanium ceramic copper coating. The handles are stainless steel. I hope this helps!

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