The Fu Behind The Fu’d

About Me

Hi – I’m Carolyn Zwicker. I currently live in a small city in Massachusetts with my husband (Jake) and our two dogs (Whiskey and Brody). My full time job is as an IT project manager, managing software development projects.

I grew up doing various activities, but as I grew older, I discovered that I didn’t have any real hobbies. I dabbled in a few things here and there, but nothing ever stuck. I never thought that cooking would become a “thing” for me; in fact, I had never really thought about it at all. After I finished grad school and moved into an apartment on my own, I started to cook and began to try some recipes. I had a lot of failures since I didn’t have any techniques or any of the right tools. Over time, I started to try more recipes, started to have some successes, and I was encouraged to keep going. Now, I love cooking and trying new recipes. Pinterest is my ultimate inspiration for recipes and simple meal ideas.

You’ll see that I don’t have any specific theme I use here and it’s intentional. I love all kinds of foods and I wouldn’t be doing this blog justice by limiting it. The theme is essentially just FOOD, or Fu’d!

It’s All In A Name

So, yes, I love plays on words as you can tell from my blog name. I didn’t pull it out of the sky, though. I recently got married, but for the first 30 years of my life, I was Carolyn Fu and much of my identity was with “Fu”. My friends would call me “FuFu”, “CFu”, etc. Thus, it inspired me and this is a nice way to keep that identity alive.

Feel free to contact me using the Contact page. I would love to hear from you!


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