35,000 ft Above the Ocean

Our Food Journey To Hawaii –

My husband, Jake, and I recently got married (June 2018) in gorgeous Hawaii. We both don’t have big families and decided it was the perfect excuse for a destination wedding! We wed on the island of Oahu and then journeyed over to Kauai for our honeymoon. Oahu is a much more touristy island with pockets of local areas. Kauai is amazingly rural and lush in some parts. In fact, Kauai is where they filmed some of the scenes from Jurassic Park, which we saw on an ATV tour! We decided because this was such an important occasion, that we would splurge and fly first class on Hawaiian Airlines. I chose to write this blog about our food experience on the flight because it was wonderful. I think you might enjoy seeing some really great airline food!

(By the way, choosing this topic was a hard choice. There was so much amazing food in Hawaii – poke bowls, food trucks, “huli huli” chicken, and the list goes on. Nevertheless, I thought this experience was unique.)

WOW! I was awe struck within the first five minutes. The spacious lie flat seats, the comfortable pink blanket, and complimentary mai tai immediately upon boarding.

Most of the photos were from our trip to Hawaii (versus the return trip); I was so excited about everything on the way there, I had to capture every moment. Although not as camera-crazy on the return trip, I did snap a photo of the menu so you can at least see what they were serving. (I placed it at the end of the post so I could leave it full size for readability.)

We had a choice of our first course – Jake and I decided to get different ones so that we could try everything! I got the coconut shrimp noodle salad and Jake got the watermelon, baby heirloom tomato feta salad with lime vinaigrette. These were really good. The noodle salad was surprisingly light and the shrimp were not overcooked! The coconut flavor was subtle. The only thing I wish is that there was a little more dressing so the noodles were less dry. I had just a small bite of the watermelon salad, but it was refreshing and fruit was fresh.

For the main course, I ordered the farfalle pasta and Jake ordered the slow roasted beef with Israeli couscous. I simply cannot resist a pasta dish if the opportunity presents itself. It had smokey shiitake mushrooms (yum) and those basil leaves were the freshest basil leaves I have ever seen in my life. In fact, they were so oddly fresh that I wondered if they were a different “breed” of basil! The beef was good and very tender. I know the sauce looks like it might have come from a microwave meal, but it was good and not too salty.

Dessert after the main meal was a pineapple coconut cheesecake. Again, it was surprisingly light and the perfect way to introduce us to the island flavors we were about to experience over the next two weeks.


The pre-arrival snack was practically a full meal; the tomato coconut bisque was amazing.(I’ll have to find a recipe and try it.)


I hope that this post made your mouth water at least a little bit. I also hope that it helped dispel those age-old notions that airline food leaves much to the imagination. In this experience, I was really pleased and I still reminisce about this food and the service!

Please comment, as I would love to hear about your airline food experiences!


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Menu To and From Honolulu / JFK